Eric Hunter

Eric Hunter, an emerging singer, songwriter and musician, has released his debut album, “One Step.” The album features a blend of melodic, introspective, and sometimes faith-promoting rock music, ranging from the soulful ballads, “Lullaby” and “So Close to Heaven,” to the upbeat “Walking Man.”

An experienced public finance lawyer by day, Eric can also be found performing with his band throughout Utah in the evenings. The band features Chris Murray on lead guitar, Cameron Brown on rhythm guitar, Alex Aponte on bass guitar, and Randall Topper on drums.

Usually seen performing from behind the piano, keyboard or guitar, Eric can also, from time to time, be found soloing on the saxophone–the instrument on which he developed as a musician during his childhood in Sandy, Utah. Eric enjoyed performing as a jazz musician, but never considered becoming a songwriter until the night he awoke with a song in his head that he had never heard before. He wrote the song down, claimed it for his own, and has been writing music ever since.

While the “One Step” album sometimes endeavors to explore the frailties of the human soul and empathize with the broken-hearted, it does not do so without recognition of hope. Although threads of spiritual influence can be found in a few of the songs, “One Step” does not attempt to be a religious album per se, so much as a rock album (in the more universal sense) that also happens to explore our capacity to emerge from disappointment as something greater than what we might otherwise be until we step out of (or are pushed out of) our comfort zones.

If “One Step” succeeds in entertaining at least a few people, it will be Eric’s first “Step” toward proving to his supportive and ever-patient wife that the idea of a lawyer making rock music and selling a bunch of albums isn’t as ridiculous as it should sound.